Gelly Ball Battle Party

Gelly Ball soft blaster game

Gelly Ball soft blaster game

    • Outlets: 1
    • Age Group: 7-99
    • Attendants: Adult supervision required

    • Base Price - Up to 8 Hours of Fun! $299.00
      Keep it Overnight! $478.40
      2-Day Pricing $448.50

    • $299.00
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Gelly ball is a biodegradable soft shooting game

this is recommended for ages 7 and up- great for teens and adults alike

Included in the rental is...

-rental is for 4 hours

-unlimted ammo

-12 battery powered shooters (6 red and 6 blue)

-12 full face masks 

-12 eye protection 

-5 inflatable bumpers 

additional shooters and protection can be added up to include enough for 24 players for $5 each additional set 

ADULT SUPERVISORS REQUIRED the Gelly Ball Soft Blaster Game - the ultimate way to have fun with friends and family! This exciting game features soft, squishy Gelly Balls that are safe to shoot and won't leave any marks or stains. The blaster is easy to use and allows you to shoot up to 75 feet away, giving you plenty of range to take down your opponents. The Gelly Balls are made from a unique, non-toxic material that are less impact on the skin than paintball and won't cause any harm, making it perfect for kids and adults alike. With its bright colors and fun design, the Gelly Ball Soft Blaster Game is sure to provide hours of entertainment for everyone. So, grab your blaster, load up your Gelly Balls, and get ready for some non-stop action!